Also known as hamaxophobia and ochophobia, amaxophobia is an intense fear of sitting or traveling in any type of moving vehicle. While somewhat rare, phobias of this type are particularly debilitating in today’s world. Since the condition impacts the ability to travel in just about any form other than walking, people who suffer with amaxophobia are often confined to home or limit their movements to locations that are within easy walking distance of the home.

There are some extreme situations where the amaxophobia definition extends to just about any type of travel outside the home. There are those who believe in order to properly define amaxophobia, it is also necessary to include people who have an innate and powerful fear of walking. However, there is a difference of opinion on this definition among health care professionals.

As with many phobias, an individual dealing with this condition will often exhibit a state of extreme agitation when confronted with the necessity of traveling in any type of vehicle. The degree of agitation may range anywhere from a highly excited state where the nerves seem to be on edge for the duration of the trip to states where it is impossible to travel without sedation. The various symptoms for amaxophobia include an inability to breathe, rapid heart rate, the onset of panic attacks, a sense of about to lose sanity, and even a strong feeling of impending death.


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